CINCI | Construction in Canada
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Construction in Canada

Canadian IT Construction Experts


IT Construction Management

Ours teams work with construction companies and the client, providing consultancy services in the building integration systems and network architecture. Along with the architectural team, we deploy state of the art multimedia designs.


Educational IT Management

We are always looking to enhance and expand IT Convergence platforms to  promote education as a number one priority through Digital Media channels over IT backbones and local networks.


Healthcare IT Construction

Actively bidding on opportunities in the health and wellness industry, aligning construction designs along with state of the art IT project components.


Cell Site & Tower Management

Working in the Mobile Telecommunication infrastructure industry upgrading and deploying Cell Tower and base station needs in local and remote regions of Canada.


Underground Fiber Optic

Engineering and deploying underground fiber optic networks along existing and newly built road and rail construction projects.


Data Center Construction

Deploying the latest software and electronics in conjunction with building an optimized environmentally secure platform to help facilitate cost savings in Data Center deployment.