CINCI | Rebuilding Kuwait
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Rebuilding Kuwait


20 November

Business, Partnership
About This Project

While working in Kuwait for AT&T International we provided training to in country personnel on the installation and maintenance of an encrypted two-way secure radio networks for the Kuwait Ministry of Defense, Navy, Air Force, National Guard and the Kings Guard. Also under contract in our scope of engagement was to establish connectivity to all Ministry of Defense bases together with a digital microwave network consisting of 58 links supplying communications to Lucent Definity PBX’s and Switches along with a fibre backbone. Included in the deployment of this network were the responsibilities of the tower erections, microwave dish installation and lineup, shelter placement, backup power generation, DC rectifier and battery installations, electronics installation commissioning and site acceptance for the military. All equipment monitoring was back hauled to the Ministry of Defense Network operations Centre where we developed the maintenance program for the network.

This amazing opportunity propelled the growth of knowledge working within a military environment under extreme weather and operational considerations with communication networks being paramount providing information to the heads of state and commanders responsible for the security of an entire nation. We are actively seeking contracts with our in country relationships held for 25 years.